Product: Pocket TERM (2021-2022)

The Pocket TERM© is all you need for effective traffic enforcement and is a great on the spot guide for finding charge section

Price: $22 all in with shipping and includes a waterproof cover front and back. Waterproof cover only available here.
Version: 2021-2022 | Version Info: 2021-2022 The Pocket TERM makes referencing charge sections fast easy and accurate.

Term Manual Overview (Pocket)

While faithful to the TERM Binder, the Pocket TERM© is an abbreviated pocket-sized version of the more comprehensive publications. Pocket TERM is a great on the spot guide for finding charge sections for the issuance of provincial violation tickets. This publication is revised to meet all the specific wording for e-ticketing under the MVA and MVAR. The Pocket TERM also provides straightforward references making choosing the correct offence and fine amount effortless.

Updated to include new commercial truck chain requirements on Alpine routes.

Size - 3.75"x 5.38"

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Pocket TERM (2021-2022)