To meet the information needs of its users in traffic enforcement

Term Publications was founded in 1994 by Abbotsford police officers Daffydd Herman and Spencer Tucker. As active officers doing traffic stops on a wide variety of commercial traffic, the two saw a need for a single reference document that incorporated information from the Motor Vehicles Act, the Commercial Transport Act, the Passenger Transportation act, and others.

Their easy to use and cost-effective document caught on and has been used by enforcement in the province ever since.

In 2012, the founders felt it was time to move TERM on to its next phase and a new owner: their friend, part-time editor, and seasoned traffic officer Heather Lindsay (nee Lilburn).

Heather's 15 years of experience as a commercial vehicle inspector gives her daily immersion in the finer details of the various Acts, regulations, penalties, insurance and licensing rules applying to the commercial transport industry as well as practical insight as to what works and doesn't work for enforcement officers who need timely and pertinent information on the job.

Her goal for TERM over the past two years has been to move the paper version of TERM binder into an electronic format.

The result is this website and the product it offers: a stand-alone, indexed, searchable version of the information that can be used without internet connectivity, yet can be kept up to date with regulatory change much more readily.

The electronic format installed on users' laptops also allows for the manual to be continually updated with user aids such as pictures, illustrations, and videos, helping to guide users through some of the subtler or more complex enforcement situations they encounter on the job.

That continuous improvement of the TERM Product is another central driver for the publication - the point of the product is to meet the information needs of its users in traffic enforcement.

The best way to meet that need is to enlist its users in the drive to make the product better, more user friendly, comprehensive, reliable.

TERM strives to use 100% reused materials for shipping materials to help offset the carbon footprint of the paper products.   Don't be surprised if you learn a little about our dietary habits or taste in shoes when receiving printed TERM products!!!

If you have any ideas, suggestions, wishes of any sort for what you'd like to see the TERM product do or be, please don't hesitate to call or email us.

About Heather


Following 18 years as a Commercial Vehicle Inspector with BC’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, I have moved on to another roll in government.  However I still remain proudly committed to providing relevant written and online reference materials to all police enforcement agencies in British Columbia.

Heather Lilburn

I am a subject matter expert who’s very well regarded for both knowledge and ability to teach and train. I have worked with the JIBC, the BCTA, as well as having been called upon to be a trainer and mentor as an advisor with policing groups and local governments in British Columbia.I'm passionate about the providing current and informative content on any of the provincial acts and regulations to enforcement communities wanting to enhance their knowledge of commercial transport enforcement.

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