Here is what we are working on...

We are always busy trying to find new ways to present content on the manuals. Right now, we are busy getting the new updates for the binder completed and too the printer. This task is way overdue!!!

Next on the list is:

On-line training course development for Basic commercial vehicle identification Instructional videos for context and enforcement action on topics like:

  • Documentation requirements for commercial vehicles
  • TIRES - winter tire requirements, camber, appropriate tire, selection, identifying defects, enforcement actions (30 minutes)
  • COMMERCIAL VEHICLES – walk around easy tips and tools (90 minutes
  • Lamp and lights – identification, must versus may and more (30 minutes)
  • ELEMENTS OF AN OFFENCE – charge selection, notes, and traffic court procedures (30 minutes) ask us about creating a specialized course to make your up-coming court date stress free
  • List your training needs here: heather/at/