Am I up with the times?

Find the latest available version of the all the TERM products here. TERM Publications tries to keep up with the changing rules of enforcement but some things take time.


TERM Binder - version: 2019.1

Version 3.0 Coming August 1, 2023

Pocket TERM (2022-2023) - version: 2022

Amendment to new driver rules.

Pocket TERM (2023-2024) - version: Version 2023

Addition of an Off-Road Vehicle indentation page

Pocket TERM (2024-2025) - version: Version 2024-25

Electronic Term - version: 1.6.7

Should contain all the latest Cannabis and Liquor Control Act changes. If not contact your IT department or for the latest update. Updates are generally produced over the summer and distributed to E Division in September.