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Traffic Court

Commercial Vehicle Police Enforcement (5 days – classroom only)
This course will provide the participants with the ability to recognize unsafe commercial transport units and to take corrective action against unsafe operations. Based on National Safety Code standards, the learner examines the importance of driver fitness and qualifications; and walk-around type vehicle inspection, including air brake standards and cargo securement. The course also provides the learner with the ability to conduct investigations, by applying the essential criteria necessary to reach a conclusion. Includes walk-around procedures guide, identifying defects, Notice and Order procedures and a current TERM Binder.

Commercial Vehicle Identification, National Safety Code documentation requirements and site selection

Cargo Securement – (3 days – classroom only)
This course will provide learners with the application of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulation, Division 35 and the pursuant Cargo Securement Standard 10. Learners will understand the practical application of the Standard and differences between commercial and private vehicle securement requirements.

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