Product: Pocket TERM (2023-2024)

The Pocket TERM© is all you need for effective traffic enforcement and is a great on the spot guide for finding charge section

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Version: Version 2023 | Version Info: Addition of an Off-Road Vehicle indentation page

Term Manual Overview (Pocket)

Version 2023

While faithful to the TERM Binder, the Pocket TERM© is an abbreviated pocket-sized version of the more comprehensive publications. Pocket TERM is a great on the spot guide for finding charge sections for the issuance of provincial violation tickets. This publication is revised to meet all the specific wording for e-ticketing under the MVA and MVAR. The Pocket TERM also provides straightforward references making choosing the correct offence and fine amount effortless.

Size - 3.75"x 5.38"

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Pocket TERM (2023-2024)